Our members “teamed” up with their BRFs (Best Riding Friends) for the Top Trail Double Trouble Challenge 2019.

The final results of combined rider mileage are reflected on the special group leaderboard below. Team members did not need to ride together to participate. Awards from our wonderful sponsors: EasyCare, Riding Warehouse, Horse Hoodies, and The Production Room will be given to the top 4 teams listed below.

Dave and Toni Giardina riding in Arizona. Photo by Sharon Withrow.

More info about Top Trail affiliate groups can be found here:

Want to join in the fun for 2020? Click here to learn how to join Double Trouble 2020.

RankTeam NameMembersChallenge Miles Rides
1Saddle SistersRobin Morris and Jody Seyler4001.81307
2Ozark Mountain RidersDavid Giardina and Toni Giardina2304.36245
3HOT 2 TROTCindy and Lee Fonken2180.92209
4Enjoying the JourneyDeirdre Perot and Jackie Peterson2128235
5Riding RN’sSheila Carroll and Mary Verzwyvelt2091.24349
6Rushcreeks and More!Helen S and Brenda Messick1901.22251
7The Ice Cream ConnoisseursHannah Clark and John Zeliff1641.13202
8Arabian ArrowHope White and Kathleen Waymire1595.61225
9Ride or Die!D’Anna Miller and Maggie Bradshaw1361.38150
10The Blue & The GrayLIsa Henson and Terri Johnson1215.27221
11Chip N DaleMargie J and Larry Johnson1128.44167
12We’re not lost!Cathy Olson and Randy Olson899.684
13MORAB’s RuleShannon Chastain and Tina Goff813.09118
14The BadonkadonksJennifer Peterson and Crystal molocea790.6688
15Team Chasin’ the SunsetDawn E. Hagen and Eva752.54142
162 Gals – 2 PalsCarol Mason and Carole Sharp722.8993
17RAW RidersAdrienne Willett and Robert Willett677.7376
18Even BeatsSamantha Robertson and Sarah Edler658.82109
19Cowgirls & ChariotsChelsea Kiter and Patricia Ann585.1159
20Legacy Fox TrottersJessica Harris and Jakob Benson579.2653
21Robin RidgeTroy Lynn Norris and Jerry Norris560.7387
22The Country CruisersPatty Walter and Marilyn Clevenger514.9173
23War PoniesKimberly Ellis and Timothy Marten498.21175
24A Hot MessJen Joines and Rhiannon Davies479.77120
25Trail BlistersLauren Horne and Carol L Horne479.2490
26Wandering WestbysHeather Westby and Sam Westby273.838
27Corn StarsLiz Heitshusen and Cecilia Hagen258.7963
28Bratty SpeedstersMary Bradford and Casey Bradford237.2627
29TNT aka Top Notch TeamBrit Bergez and Janis Elder234.3529

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