40 Something Cowgirls’ affiliate group features annual and quarterly mileage challenges. All the ladies in this group are members of the National 40 Something Cowgirls Association and have a great time out on the trail.

If you are a member of the social group 40SC on Facebook, have joined the 40SC association, and a Top Trail Premium or Basic member as well, please join the group immediately if you wish to participate in 2022.

Congratulations ladies! See the audited results below:


RankRider2021 Miles
1Beki McCall1371.93
2Tammy Stingone735.85
3Pebbles Rigsby725.16
4Lisa Henson615.62
6Jennifer Sherman421.47
7Kasandra Garner418.85
8Lindsay Buck341.55
9Diana Haggard271.68
10Elizabeth Bigham268.66
11Peggy Brown234.37
12Kristen Jaffe226.71
13Rebecca Hubbard205.53
14Marillyn Ivan Day155.8
15Tina Coker Hammonds58.52
16Lynda Palmer51.54
17Kristi Clark45.17


RankRider4Q21 Miles
1Beki McCall273.32
2Tammy Stingone189.86
3Kristen Jaffe177.72
4Pebbles Rigsby134.96
6Lisa Henson116.03
7Peggy Brown96.18
8Rebecca Hubbard65.36
9Kasandra Garner61.89
10Lindsay Buck61.66
11Diana Haggard61.16
12Jennifer Sherman50.03
13Elizabeth Bigham33.64
14Tina Coker Hammonds28.28
15Lynda Palmer17.76
16Marillyn Ivan Day12.67
17Kristi Clark5.68

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