Here are the results from 2019 — competition was fierce! If you are a member of the social group Hags with Nags and a Top Trail member as well, please join the group immediately if you wish to participate in 2020.

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Congratulations Hags!! You did fantastic!

1Deirdre Perot1160.16
2Sheila Carroll1085.47
3Sue Decker883.97
4Deanne Del Vecchio854.84
5Christina Boucher Reynolds813.03
6Jill Morrison710.07
8Belinda Schuman609.15
9Annamaria Paul414.44
10Laura McCartney368.33
11Raven Flores317.84
13Lori M Smith289.07
14Debby Smith261.59
16Stacy Thompson236.22
17Jane Parker215.1
18Michelle Hoffman Wrobel178.64
19Sherry L Resecker174.62
20Patti Potts92.4
21Candace Hendrickson65.75

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