Top Trail Rider Challenges 2022 will see some changes. We think this will be the best yet and hope that you agree!


Instead of 5 divisions, in 2022 we will have 6 rider divisions. New members will start in Greenhorn and will be moved up according to the year to date mileage at the conclusion of each quarter.

Here are the divisions:

Audits and Winners

At the conclusion of each quarter (approximately 4-5 days of the first month following the end of the quarter) audits will be conducted. The final results of each division will be published and shared on social media (Facebook). Awards will not be given however braggin’ rights are all yours!

The #1 rider in each division will move up to next division after winning one time, regardless of their current annual mileage. All other Top Trail Challenge Rules* will still apply.

Fun Drawings for All Top Trail Rider Challenge Participants

Each quarter a drawing will be held for up to 12 product awards. The names of all Top Trail Rider Challenge participants during the previous quarter in all divisions will be drawn from for the awards. These drawings will take place live on FB with the details announced in advance.

Challenge Periods

Quarters are defined as follows:

  • 1Q22: Jan/Feb/Mar
  • 2Q22: Apr/May/Jun
  • 3Q22: Jul/Aug/Sep
  • 4Q22: Oct/Nov/Dec

Details of the changes will be reflected on the website the first week of 2022.

*Top Trail General Challenge Rules

1 Uploaded tracks (.GPX files) must be actual trails ridden (you may now include outdoor arena riding in your tracks), recorded, and must be uploaded to your Top Trail account within 3 days of the ride. This rule is for all challenges and competitions on this website unless noted otherwise so all participants have a good idea where they stand in the rankings as close to real time as possible. Please take care to record and upload only your trail ride — nothing else. Please read this article for additional information regarding trail recording & uploading etiquette.

2 Uploaded trails must be at least one mile in length and ridden outside an arena (you may now include outdoor arena riding in your tracks).

3 Equine must be ridden or pulling a cart, not ponied.

4 Only one track per equine/rider. Duplicate trails are not allowed and will be rejected during the upload process.


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  1. These sound like fair rules!

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