Exciting changes are in store for Top Trail Challenges 2020. We think this will be the best yet and hope that you agree!


Instead of 3 divisions, in 2020 we will have 5 rider divisions (based on 2019 annual mileage for existing members, new members start in Pleasure). Top Trail Horse monthly will not be held in 2020.

Here are the divisions:

  • Legends: 1000+ Annual Miles Logged
  • Competitor: 501 – 1000 Annual Miles Logged
  • Explorer: 301 – 500 Annual Miles Logged
  • Blazer: 151 – 300 Annual Miles Logged
  • Pleasure: up to 150 Annual Miles Logged

Top 3 in each division to be recognized

Each division will recognize the top three riders with sponsor awards or Top Trail branded items. The #1 rider in each division will move up to next division after winning one time, regardless of their current annual mileage. All other Top Trail Challenge Rules* will still apply.

Legends Division winners will be eligible for one sponsor award only during the calendar year.

Challenge Periods

Quarters are defined as follows:

  • 1Q20: Jan/Feb/Mar
  • 2Q20: Apr/May/Jun
  • 3Q20: Jul/Aug/Sep
  • 4Q20: Oct/Nov/Dec

Details of the changes will be reflected on the website the first week of 2020.

*Top Trail General Challenge Rules

  • Uploaded tracks (.GPX files) must be actual trails ridden, recorded, and uploaded to your Top Trail account within 72 hours of the ride. This rule is for all challenges and competitions on this website unless noted otherwise so all participants have a good idea where they stand in the rankings as close to real time as possible. Please take care to record and upload only your trail ride — nothing else.
  • Uploaded trails must be at least one mile in length and ridden outside an arena.
  • Equine must be ridden or pulling a cart, not ponied.
  • Only one track per equine/rider. Duplicate trails are not allowed and will be rejected during the upload process. NOTE: if your track has an error, email the .GPX file to us and we will attempt to repair it for you then you will be able to upload the corrected trail to your account manually.


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  1. Well, 2019’s mileage was pretty pitiful along with 2 did not complete in endurance rides. 2020 has to be better! On a high note we did meet the 1000 milestone. 2020 here we come!

    1. It happens!! From valleys to the mountain tops and everything in between. 2020 is all yours!

  2. Question on the challenges: 1. Is the quarterly challenge rider or horse? The way I’m reading it is there will be quarterly rider challenge. No monthly or quarterly for horse. (My horse will like that 🙂 Will there be a year end challenge for horse?

    1. Hi Toni! Great question. Top Trail Challenges are based on rider mileages only in 2020. Same for Double Trouble (combined team rider mileage). The MFTHBA Top Trail Challenge will be ranked on equine mileage.

      We plan to display annual and lifetime mileage leaderboards for both horses and riders starting January 2020.

      If we can find a company to sponsor year-end high mileage equine &/or rider that will be in play and we will let everyone know!

      1. Sounds good Troy!

  3. Appreciate you Toni 🙂

  4. Hey Troy what if we plan to ride less in 2020 but our 2019 mileage puts us in the top division? I’m restarting a younger horse this year.

    1. Let’s go ahead and start in the correct division based on last year’s mileage. If it becomes apparent as we go through the year that you’re not riding as much, we’ll review and possibly make the adjustment.

      1. Thanks Troy Lynn. I may change my mind and go all out again. It’s hard to cut back once you start riding more 😘

  5. Hi Troy, I just uploaded my first ride on Scarlet and thought we should be in the Blazer Division based on last years miles…. we are showing up in the Pleasure Division. Think we had about 220 miles last year.

    1. Hi Susan! Your division should be updated now!

  6. Love the new ranking!

    Per last years mileage, I should be in the Blazer rank but am showing up in the Pleasure rank. Will the ranks adjust themselves or is there something I need to adjust within my profile?

    1. Hi Angela! So happy you like the new divisions. We are manually changing them over — it’s taking a little time. I think you should find your division to be correct now. Thanks for your comment!

  7. I’m new to this. I’m a bit puzzled by the “only one trail per rider/horse” Does this mean that riding the same trail on different days doesn’t count if we ride the same horse? Confused.

    1. Hi Pamela! Welcome to Top Trail —
      To answer your question it simply means that you can use each recorded track only one time and the mileage of the track goes to you and the equine ridden.

      1. I’m confused, does that mean that because I drive at Sleepy Hollow Park often, only the first time I go with each pony counts? That would significantly cut my numbers and the the numbers of other members who have a few places that they can go.

        1. Not at all! Each recorded track can only be uploaded one time for one rider and one equine. Same as usual. 🙂

  8. So even if we ride a different horse our miles still add up quarterly? This is great! At year end is when the horse miles are separated then, correct?

    1. Yes, you can ride any equine that is enrolled in Top Trail. Please do not add the horse twice (on your account, then on your friend’s account). Each horse has a TTHID number. So, when you designate which equine was ridden on a particular ride, if it’s your friend’s equine, simply type in the TTHID number and the mileage will be attributed to you and the appropriate equine. Here’s a link to instructions:
      Thanks for your question!

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