For Top Trail Horse Premium and Basic Level Members

When you Register/Sign Up with Top Trail Journeys and then Enroll in an open virtual challenge you can export your ridden tracks from Top Trail horse to Top Trail Journeys.

You must be a Basic or Premium level Top Trail (horse) member and “Connect” your Top Trail Horse account to your Journeys account to get the Top Trail discount when and if it’s available.

Here’s how to do it:

Register/Sign Up (with the same email/password that you use for

Sign In

Click or Tap “Connect”

Click or Tap “Top Trail Horse”

Now your accounts are connected so that you can add your ride tracks from Top Trail Horse to your Journeys activities log when you’re participating in a virtual challenge, (i.e. Snowball, Snowbird, Sky Blue Sky, TRLBLZR etc.).

How to use your connected accounts:

Ride and post your tracks to Top Trail Horse like you normally do.

DO NOT POST YOUR NON-RIDING TRACKS intended for Top Trail Journeys to your Top Trail Horse account (
Top Trail Horse is for Riding Tracks only.

Log into Top Trail Journeys, go to your “My Journeys” page and click “Add Activity.”

Click or Tap “Top Trail Horse”

This will bring up eligible tracks available for import to Top Trail Journeys. Tracks you have already transferred will have a check mark, available tracks will show the “Import” button. Tap or click the “Import” button.

Ta-Da! You’re done! Now your ride miles have been added to your activity totals.

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