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Journeys makes it easy to post activities recorded with FitBit activity tracker, Strava, and Top Trail. Here’s how to do it:

First, connect your account to your app by clicking or tapping the “Connect” tab. Then select the app you wish to connect. Follow the prompts to connect — the process may vary from app to app.

Now that you’re connected, after you have recorded an eligible activity with any one of these apps you can easily import the activity into your Top Trail Journeys account to see your miles add up!

So, log in, go to your My Journeys page, select “Add Activity” then click or tap the app that applies. I have all three of my “apps” connected so I will select whichever app my most current activity is recorded on. So click or tap the app that applies.

A screen will pop up showing the eligible activities available to import — so you can click the “Import” button. If they’ve already been imported into TTJ there will be only a checkmark.

REMEMBER Top Trail (horse) is only for horseback riding/driving tracks. All other tracks (walking, hiking, biking, swimming, snowshoeing, paddling, etc.) can be posted manually or by the method described in this post.

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