If you are a user migrating from you will have the opportunity to enter your lifetime miles on Top Trail when once you create your account. This can only be done once during the month of January 2019.

To do this, go to My Top Trail >> My Top Trail Profile using one of the two methods shown below:

You will see an area where you can enter your Lifetime Miles

Enter the miles from Open Trails using the format “00.0” or “0000.00” (there needs to be at least one decimal place).

Click Save, once the page reloads you will see your lifetime mileage.

To to the same for a horse you own, got to “My Top Trail” >> “My Horses”. Click on the name of the horse you want to set the lifetime miles for.

Click “Add Lifetime Miles”, enter the mileage in the prompt, click OK. The page will refresh and you will see the updated mileage.

NOTE: This feature is only intended for users migrating from the Open Trails during January 2019. You must set this feature before you can upload any trail rides to Top Trail.

In order to keep users honest, trails uploaded that are dated prior to the date you set you lifetime miles on the new site will not be added to your lifetime miles. However, they will still be counted for current challenges and annual miles.

Here is an example:

I set my lifetime miles on Jan 1st 2019 to be 50.0

I decide to upload a 1 mile trail that I recorded on Dec 1st 2018. This will be added to my annual miles and will show in my trail logs and current challenges. My lifetime miles will remain to be 50.0

Then I upload a 1 mile trail from Jan 2nd 2019. My lifetime miles will increase to 51 miles

It is assumed that I included my 1 mile ride from December in my lifetime mileage I entered when i joined the new site on Jan 1st.