We are making it super easy to post activities you record for Top Trail Journeys if you use any of the following apps: Top Trail Horse (not truly an app but we have connected it for our Premium and Basic members), FitBit, and Strava.

First of all you will need to Register on the Top Trail Journeys website if you haven’t already done so.

Sign in and Enroll in an open virtual challenge.

Click or tap “Connect” on the main menu. This brings you to the “Connect Other Apps!” page. Click or tap the app you want to connect (your should have an account with any app you want to connect first), follow the prompts to make the connection. Connect one, or all three if you have and use them.

When you’re ready to start posting activities recorded on those apps it will be super easy to transfer them to Top Trail Journeys.

Your Top Trail Horse account is for ridden tracks only.
Do not post anything but horseback riding tracks to
Top Trail Horse — ever (

Why Connect?

Top Trail Horse is for ridden tracks recorded and posted by Top Trail premium or basic members.

Strava is a very nice free app (with a premium upgrade available also) that you can use to record walking, hiking, jogging, and bicycling type activities for Top Trail Journeys. It’s available for both iPhone and Android and we highly recommend it!

FitBit is, well, you know, a fitness tracker watch. In order to get it to record an activity for a Journeys virtual challenge, you would want to start “exercise > walk” on your tracker then finish/end it when it’s over — when it’s synced up on your FitBit account you can post it to Journeys.

We will leave it up to you to learn how to use you Strava app and/or FitBit tracker. They’re both pretty cool and easy to use.


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