Why not more, why not less?

Top Trail has been hosting ride mileage challenges since 2013.

During that time, we’ve tried our best to keep things as simple as possible.

Top Trail Challenge Leaderboards are LIVE and this is the reason, plain and simple, for the 3 Day Rule. As soon as you post your ride track, your added mileage is reflected on every leaderboard your name is on. It’s for benefit and of all Top Trail members who are interested and riding according to the miles posted by their peers.

And three days will give you time, if you’re riding in a place where there is limited cell service, to get to a place with cell service, to post your rides. If it’s important to you to post your rides for Challenges you can get your rides posted within three days.

We recommend that you find method and process that makes it easy to post your ride within minutes of getting out of the saddle. Most of our members do this and it’s greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind that you may post your tracks outside the 3 day limit however, they will be disqualified from all leaderboard totals during the audit process BUT they will count on your lifetime and annual mileage totals.

Below are the General Challenge Rules for reference. They apply to all Top Trail Rider and Affiliate Group Challenges. Affiliate Groups have additional rules and guidelines that are specific to their association, etc.

General Challenge Rules*

  1. Uploaded tracks (.GPX files) must be actual trails ridden (you may now include outdoor arena riding in your tracks), recorded, and must be uploaded to your Top Trail account within 3 days of the ride. This rule is for all challenges and competitions on this website unless noted otherwise so all participants have a good idea where they stand in the rankings as close to real time as possible. Please take care to record and upload only your trail ride — nothing else. Please read this article for additional information regarding trail recording & uploading etiquette.
  2. Uploaded trails must be at least one mile in length and ridden outside an arena (you may now include outdoor arena riding in your tracks).
  3.  Equine must be ridden or pulling a cart, not ponied.
  4. Only one track per equine/rider. Duplicate trails are not allowed and will be rejected during the upload process. NOTE: if your track has an error, email the .GPX file and we will attempt to repair it for you then you will be able to upload the corrected trail to your account manually.

3 Day Guide

So, if your ride ends on Friday, for the purpose of Top Trail Rider Challenges & Affiliate Group Challenges you will need to get it posted to your Top Trail account within 3 days and that would be sometime before the following Monday. Here’s a table for your reference:

Ride Starts & Ends on:Post No Later Than:


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